Sunday, August 16, 2009

Strung out...

I have quite a number of essays (well over 20) to submit, and I'm about half way done with my first drafts.

I've gotta say, Wharton seems to be the odd man out! Everyone else asks, "Why are you cool? Why are you cool with leadership? Why are you cool with results? Why would our students have a beer with you?" and Wharton goes, "When did you fail? When did you struggle to be accepted? Tell us about something that was hard for you." Such a downer!

That said, although Wharton Essay #3 (Failure) took a solid 6 hours just to get a first draft I was content with, the self reflection involved was a surprisingly rewarding experience. I'm still trying to find a meaningful angle for Essay #2 (Adapt) though... and a dozen other essays. Good times!

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