Saturday, August 8, 2009

Exciting morning...

Ok, so it's not that exciting, but it bumped my heartrate up - I got the email about my official GMAT score. They say 20 days, it took 7. It did confirm my scores (83%q/97%v) and I got a 6.0 on the essays to boot. They were fun to write!

The tasks for the weekend: Assembling information for my recommenders. All of my recommenders are from my current job, and have good things to say. The struggle is making sure they have great things to say and are able to say them with emphasis - I found this site very eye opening in that regard (a reminder of the level of competition!), although I refuse to ghost-write. That puts me potentially at a disadvantage - one of my key recommenders, while excellent at their job and with many good things to say, is notedly at a disadvantage writing in english. So my task list (which needs to be finished by Monday night) is as follows:
  • Organize my tasks & achievements at work chronologically into a one page document.
  • Fill out a 'universal recommendation' with notes for each recommender that I'd like them to highlight or anecdotes I want them reminded of.
  • Since I have 5 recommenders (different schools) I need to tailor each recommender's packet to the schools they're sending it to.
  • Finish updating my resume and include it.
  • Include a summary statement on "Why MBA, Why Now" - or a full essay if I get time.
  • Include excerpts of my self appraisals from work highlighting my passions.
  • Outline my greatest weaknesses (undergrad gpa) and where I need the most support.
It's a foregone conclusion that this summer will be much more work than play, but life is all about priorities!

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