Saturday, August 8, 2009

It has begun...

Technically, it began last year.

I spent a good portion of last June/July halfheartedly attempting practice GMAT's and pondering why I wanted to go to grad school. In truth, even today, it's the most daunting of essay questions - not because I don't have answers, but because they don't seem like exceptional ones.

"I want to change careers to consulting, build up my skills and network, and then run my own company. I want to change the world for the better. I want to study among the best the professional world has to offer and learn from their experiences and passions."

Trite, normal, commonplace... last year, I couldn't make the decision to apply. This year, the situation has changed. My pet project has finally taken off - unlike last year, I don't fear for its success when I depart. I received another promotion. The industry was hit with a number of issues, which underlined my desire to change careers.

So it began. I am taking this more seriously than any endeavor before, because I've got several strikes against me to any top 10 adcom: I'm relatively old (I will be 30 in the fall of 2010), my undergrad GPA was 'terrible' by top school standards (and worse than I remember!), and I do not currently hold a managerial position. I'm also white and male - not quite the diversity they're looking for.

Clearly, I wouldn't be looking at the top 10 if I thought I couldn't compete and didn't have unique attributes that set me apart. While I have strikes against me, I have a number of things in my favor, and I have worked among top MBA grads for a while - I know what my classmates will be like. All that's left to do is prove I belong and show I can bring something valuable to the table.

It's a weird break from organizing my MBA material to start a blog (especially at 2am on a Friday when my friends and roomates are out having a good time), but given the amount of work achieving those three letters requires, perhaps the story will make for a good read.

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  1. 1 - 3am are the best times to write blog-posts about your application process. after a full day of work and a few more hours of preparation at home it's kind of a relief for you and your brain to just write about how you feel and/or what you did.