Sunday, December 13, 2009

My, time flies.

So it's Dec 13th. I'll know within a few days about Harvard and Stanford. I just got to responding to requests for essay review - my apologies, work/health issues the end of last week.

So I got surprisingly little response to my conundrum below: What would you do if you had a three month window where you're waiting on schools, while many career opportunities are popping up? Pursue them to have more options, or is that unethical?

I'm interested in feedback! I also am happy to review essays (create a gmatclub account and pm me) if anyone else is interested.

Happy Holidays!


  1. I am living a relatively similar situation.

    I belive that persuing career oportunities while you still haven´t heard the B-Schools isnt ethical at all.

    But what I´m struggling with is, to persue or not a job offer in the 3 month period between my arrival in a city, and the beginning of the semmester.

  2. Hi LS -- Wanted to weigh in here. I don't think it's unethical at all -- as long as you're upfront with potential clients/employers that you're also applying to b-school.

    While that might not make you the most attractive candidate right now, it's your best course of action over the long term.

    But there are also other options -- how about a pre-mba, 3-month internship? or some short-term consulting or freelancing? There are probably many "jobs" that can fit in your timeframe. This may be a more beneficial path -- for both you and the client/employer you end up working with.

    For other b-school prep thoughts, you may want to check out my blog at

  3. Be Ethical! If you were a HR manager and you recruited someone who quits 3 months later.... how much would you like that? Hence, don't Commit yourself to long term work... free-lance or moonlighting should be fine! Suresh Panchanathan