Monday, December 7, 2009

I will review essays! (Also, mentor/life update)

I've fallen off the wagon blogging a bit (or thinking about b-school, actually!) ... to mitigate "TL;DR" I'll put this up front:

  • If I have time, I am very happy to give folks feedback on essays. I've done quite a bit of it for friends in the process. I am not a professional.
  • If you want me to look over any part of your app, create an account on the GMAT Club site and send me a PM (my account is 'lsmba', quel surprise!) and we'll go from there.


I had forgotten all about B-school honestly - the month of November was busy. I got a Haas email reminder today saying that the process has started. No interview invites from anywhere as of yet. I think the best way not to stress about your chances is ... to be busy!

Of course, that's a little bit of a challenge when your next real move is a career change, and you're waiting on the Y/N from schools. I talked at length with one of my mentors about it - I have a lot of passion and could see myself in one or two existing roles internally, or they might create one or two roles for things we don't yet do that I think we should. On the flipside, I've had some opportunities come up through professional networking that I haven't been able to bite at... yet!

Indecision is difficult. Not knowing how many birds are in any given bush is really frustrating when you have none in the hand - and I don't think it's ethical to apply for a position then leave six months later because you got into B-school. My mentor disagrees, and says that I should try to give myself as many options as possible. I honestly am rather torn. I don't even know what direction to go in! One of the other problems is that if I remain internal, they need to backfill my current role, and there's a big shortage of people who can do so. This would delay my transition and eventual performance&promotions by 1-6 months, depending. (6 is very unlikely)

Anyhow. So I've been indecisive, but on the upside I'd honestly forgotten to stress about b-school until I checked my gmail for the first time today (@11pm!) and saw the Haas email... which turned out to be a "Hi, just so you know, we have started sending invites!" communication.

In closing - I hope everyone has fantastic plans for Dec & Jan! I was originally going to Vegas with friends (turns out a lot of MBA's I know are heading to Brazil for New Year's - from different schools, too, random!) but instead I'm just taking 2 weeks to hang mostly with the fam.

Happy Holidays!

PS: Essay review offered at the top is contingent on me having time, but I really enjoy reviewing folks essays, so I will try to make time.

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