Sunday, October 18, 2009

Round 1: DONE

Quite the load off my chest. All 5 R1 apps submitted. Each school has something different I can get really excited about, and just given statistics I'll be 'lucky' to get into one (of course, I like to make my own luck!) so if I get the option of choosing between multiple top-10 schools, it will truly be an honor.

Anyhow. This has been an amazing period of my life, and I'm glad to focus on the work I have to do between now and February. If I'm not accepted at a school by then, I'll turn my attention to finding a position doing what I love and submit the R2 Wharton just in case they admit me - although unfortunately they are not terribly strong in any of the areas I'm interested in.

It's been a trip. Other than a confidence post when I get time, expect my posting frequency to go down for a while! Thanks, readers!

1 comment:

  1. That's great - I cross my fingers for you!

    Now the waiting game starts. A few words of wisdom - avoid applicant forums like BW and their '[school x] round 1' threads... all it does is drive you crazy and burn the cursor into the screen where the reload button is. ;-)