Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend...

Also known as "finalize my apps and get them submitted" weekend for some of my schools, or that's my (perhaps overly aggressive) goal.

A lot's happened lately: In the past few weeks I've gotten quite behind, missing a week of work (and essay writing!) due to an infection. I also had to travel for work in the middle of my sick spell, which left me rather drained. All in all, I probably lost about 8 days of essay writing... and a full five days of work!

On the flipside, I'm happy with how my essays are maturing. I've gotten insight from roughly 10 extremely talented individuals on 18 or so essays, and it has really helped out.

Tip: If you are using Google Docs, the word-count feature has a "Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level" index for a section, a rough evaluation of its 'readability'. If a paragraph of your essay scores a '22' (ie: being suitable for '22nd graders'), you probably should revisit that section. A peer pointed out that my writing is incredibly dense at times, a result of some of the technical and research documents I've read and written, and so I am aiming for 10-13 as a F-K score for all my essays and paragraphs. There are the occasional complex sentences (particularly ones involving long class titles) that eke out a 15 or 16, but for the most part I've been successful. I'm quite proud that my most difficult essay nets a 10.0.

Anyhow. A weekend of revision and targeting ahead.

Note to any MBA officials reading this: As a prospective applicant, I found Haas the easiest school to learn about. They have done an excellent job of putting out an amazing amount of material about the strengths of their program and what makes them unique on their website, and it is well-organized and easy to navigate.

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