Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No news, no time, but hope?

Perhaps a misleading title!

I've had no word (ie: interview invites) from the 5 schools I've applied to. Given my low GPA, I'm not entirely surprised - my guestimate as to the methodology would be that:

  1. Remembering the desire to round out the class and ensure diversity,
  2. Early invites would go to the easy-win, 'fill the box' candidates (3.5+ GPA, 730+ GMAT, stellar school & institution)
  3. Later invites would go to the more interesting but non-traditional candidates (I figure I fit here)
That said, I'm not banking on an invite or acceptance from any school. I'm back from two weeks of whirlwind and frantically trying to catch up at work; writing up a report for a presentation tomorrow that I'll give after four hours of special session with another division, while simultaneously politicking a new technology usage across my company at some very high levels. I have a pretty packed schedule until January, come to think of it...

So, do I have hope for getting into bschool? I applied to five top-tier schools, round 1, with a poor academic profile, good-to-great work experience at great companies (4-7Y depending on how you view it), great recommendations, and what I hope were great essays. Based on averages alone, my GPA is likely outside the bottom of the 80% for each school (above 3.0, but barely) while my GMAT is well above most schools' averages (740) but not above their 80th percentile. (That's what I get for only taking a week to study?)

Honestly, I don't know if there's hope. I've long since decided I won't look at other schools in R2... I can't make myself justify the opportunity cost to look outside a premier brand. I'm also not exactly pinning my life on it... gotta write up this report so I can get back to properly phrasing and targeting my next barrage of internal politicking... I see opportunity for the company, but given we're large and conservative I need to first socialize the idea widely in certain circles, then sell it to the right target after the prework is done. Work in progress, but I've been through it before; hopefully this idea will be at least as successful as my last one... which was the topic of many of my bschool essays, come to think of it!

By Feb I'll know my results and be moving onto the next steps of whichever of my plans makes sense, but in the meantime I've got work to do! Hope everyone else's apps/waiting is going well!


  1. I'd say apply in R2 for atleast 2 schools. And try to get invites.

    If not anything, it'll be a good practice for R1 next year.

  2. "It's not over till it's over!" ~Yogi Berra

  3. I would not ask you to pin your hope on only one thing. I can understand that why you have applied to only few top school as you don't want to dilute your brand...
    But, still, there is time.. and ..keep hopes.
    But I would also suggest to pick one or two school and apply to them. Round 1 is always the toughest. Also it would keep you occupied. and you won't be thinking all day all night about one stuff.
    You remember.. the things which you were looking for ..sometime.. just lies there.. but sometime we fail to locate it despite our intense desire.... keep going dude.. and ... :) I know.. you will get the call... ameen.

  4. Schools take a more holistic approach than you give them credit in this post. It's not just a numbers game. You need to figure out what is acceptable to you and what isn't? If a top 5 school is the only thing that is acceptable, than you must wait it out. Things happen for a reason and if I'm not mistaken, R1 didn't close too long ago. There's still plenty of time. Chin up.

    Also, I disagree that R1 is the toughest... R1 and R2 are very comparable.

  5. depends on schools, some release interview invites until the deadline! so i wouldn't worry too much until decision days (although I know it's extremely hard to do~). Try a couple R2 if you can though, it's always good to keep yourself busy with other applications...a source of distraction for me at least...and increases chances of admits! :) Best of luck!

    DreamChaser @